Industry Partner Presentation & Event Guidelines

Industry Partner Presenting to the Chapter / Events

As an ASID Industry Partner, we welcome any events/presentations you have to share. We will include the presentation/event in our monthly Access to Design newsletter sent on the 4th Tuesday of each month. Chapter Communication Guidelines can be found here.

Presenting CEUs:

  • You can submit the CEU content for review to / cc:
  • Must be IDCEC accredited.
  • All presentations are open to members and the design community.
  • Provide us with date/time you have scheduled for presentation.
  • IP to provide graphics, link, and text
  • Presentation to be given on IP’s virtual platform.
  • Registration link must be provided by IP.
  • Attendance to be taken by IP.
  • The event can be posted on our website calendar under IP Events by request.

Presentations on the Chapter Virtual (ZOOM) Platform are reserved for Chapter Sponsors as part of their benefit package.

IP Events to Share out:

To submit information for our Access to Design Newsletter, click here