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Make a difference this Earth Day with Interface’s CEU LET'S START THE CLIMATE TAKE BACK

According to research conducted by Interface and Net Impact, 95% of climate experts believe that it is possible to reverse global warming and 91% of young leaders agree. What stands in our way, both groups agree, is primarily business as usual. The movement to reverse the trend of global warming and create a climate fit for life has grown in recent years. Following the book Drawdown which ranks solutions for reversing global warming, Bruce King’s The New Carbon Architecture focuses on how that philosophy can relate to the built environment industry and how buildings can be "made of sky" and responsible for storing more carbon than is emitted to build them. The Climate Take Back framework breaks the idea of reversing global warming into (4) easy-to-understand pillars, and can then be adopted and implemented by any organization. The research and the framework will be provided to all participants. Learning Objectives Give examples from each of the (4) pillars of the framework Understand carbon smart building beyond operational efficiency Define embodied carbon and be able to talk about it with suppliers Think of Yale specific opportunities for engaging with each of the Climate Take Back pillars Provided by: Interface Inc Course Length: 1 hr

IDCEC and AIA Accredited / HSW


The Presenter:

Joey Shea joined Interface in 2018. As manager of mission activation and key account director, he relies on his background in the environmental nonprofit sector to share how Interface pursues business success and deep sustainability impact at the same time. Collaboration and collective impact are at the heart of our approach to Climate Take Back, the business plan to reverse global warming, and Joey’s job is to get as many people excited to take on the challenge as possible.


Date and Time

4/19/23 at 5:30 PM





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